One of the things we often overlook at home is the plumbing system. Unless the problem is already showing, we don’t do anything to keep it in good shape. Good thing, there are signs to confirm the blocked sewer and drain. Here are some:

  • Foul odours

You might think that the bathroom can smell nasty most of the time but if foul odours are kicking, you must become alert. The early signs of blocked sewer and drain involve circulating nasty odour. This comes from the accumulated dirt and debris that stays on the pipe.

Since water pressure isn’t enough to remove the dirt, it stays in the pipes for a long time. Therefore, if you’ve smelled something horrible, better inspect the sink and call plumbers. It doesn’t hurt to spend money on inspections or maintenance because when the problems get worse, you’ll be dealing with costly repairs.

  • Change in the flush

Normally, when you flush the toilet, the water level is just right. It’s easy to use it because water doesn’t flow into the tub. However, with sewer and drain problem, the water levels are higher compared to normal. Don’t wait until the flush becomes defective because it can be lead to severe complications.

Moulds and mildew can form in the bathroom when water on the toilet overflows. This is a big problem because it’s unsanitary and can cause health problems. Better seek help from experts to get down to the problem and use the toilet with ease.

  • Gurgling sounds

Once you hear a gurgling sound after you flush the toilet, this means something is going on down there. Don’t try to use cleaning agents just to get rid of possible clogging. Remember that some chemicals can be harsh for the pipes, so call the plumbers for help.

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