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The Advantages Of Misa Cool Rooms

Misa cool rooms are freezing and cool room systems that are made of modular polyurethane. They provide several benefits to the user. Of which one of the most significant is flexibility. There are extensive options which would make them appropriate for any location and can match any surroundings. In addition, they are available in different sizes, which make them comprehensive solutions for almost any kind of space.

They are particularly useful in narrow areas. The panels in even be installed indoors if that is all the space which is available. This means that no matter where they are placed, they occupy significantly less space leaving more room for other appliances and equipment. This also means that no modification is needed to be made to the existing flooring plank and building design. There will always be a setup to match. Doors and windows can be chosen according references and necessities; and the choice can be personalised with distinctive features.

Misa cool rooms can be cleaned easily, which makes them highly hygienic. Its rounded corners make the cleaning process much easier. They are specially constructed from materials which are fire safe and therefore unlikely to catch or create fires. Thus, a high degree of safety is assured. The materials are made from self extinguishing foam and other non-absorbent materials, unlike the cool rooms made by the competitors that have polystyrene panels which have a high level of moisture absorption, like fatty substances that are inflammable. The floors are made of anti-slip materials and galvanised sheets substantial for heavy duty use. They can support a weight of up to 4000 kg/m² for a load of 250 kg in a rolling trolley.


Misa cool rooms are very popular and are capable of heavy duty cooling, no matter which environment condition they operate in. They can function in temperatures as high as 43°C. And whether the location of operation has a cold climate or hot and humid, the temperature is assured to maintain at an ideal level in order to preserve food items and to avoid spoilage of perishables. This is particularly important for frozen food. Any significant variation in temperature can lead to decomposition and spoilage. The same consideration applies to other items such as fresh flowers, which also need to be stored in a controlled environment.

Moreover, the modular panels are available in varying widths and panel sizes and since the balance can be used interchangeably, they can create any room size. Further, the free block condensing unit and the evaporator are integrated into a one piece panel which can be locked by using a proprietary locking system.

In case there should be any problem, a two-year warranty is provided on all parts and services.