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Causes Of Industrial Deafness

Though it may be normal to suffer from hearing loss as one gets older, the case is different if the cause is job related. There are certain industries which expose the workers to loud noises during work hours. This is fine as long as the employees are given the proper protective gears. Otherwise, they will be prone to suffer from industrial deafness.

Keep in mind that employers are liable for their employees’ well-being. They must pay the necessary amount to the employee in case the latter’s health becomes affected. If you are a laborer in an industry that is high in noise pollution and you think you have lost your ability to hear well, then we will help you file a case so you can be compensated for industrial deafness.

Here is a partial list of industries which have a high level of noise. If you work in one of these industries, then you may suffer from related hearing loss.

Call Centers

Though they may not lose their sense of hearing completely, call centre employees are prone to mild to moderate hearing loss. This especially holds true if they are given headsets which are not functioning well or if they talk to callers who shout or whistle loudly. Employers should provide headsets that is equipped with a limiter so the sound from the other end of the line won’t be too loud.


The workers are exposed almost all day to the sounds of drills and hammering. Then they can also be exposed to explosions for the demolition of buildings.

Automotive Industry

The cars are continually tested for faults and these are subjected to the clanking of metals. The sound of engines being revved up can be too loud for the human ears.

Mining Industry

The blasting and the scraping sounds are too harsh and can cause damage to the inner ear.

Manufacturing Factories

The sounds of metal jingling and the noise of huge equipment are all contributory factors to industrial deafness.

If you work in one of the industries stated above, then it’s highly recommended you get a hearing test as soon as you get the chance. Freedom Hearing provides online hearing tests and assists thousands of people with their industrial deafness compensation claims and assessments.