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How To Clean A Concrete Surface

Concrete cleaning in your courtyard is a commendable thing to do. Ideally, it is a simple task that only calls for your effort to accomplish. Here is a simple guideline on how to clean your cemented courtyard surface:

1. Clear the Surface

Before you start doing any cleaning, it is important you eliminate any detached object that might be on the floor. Also, wipe off oil spills and grease and ensure the floor doesn’t have a sealer or coating.

2. Prepare to Clean

Simply add some detergent to the water and mix thoroughly. Put the solution in a spray can and spray it evenly on the surface. Let the paste settle on the concrete for a period of up to 30 minutes for better results.

3. Clean

Using a hard brush or broom, you can scrub the floor thoroughly. In the case of tough and stubborn stains, you might use more detergents at those areas. Don’t let the cleaning solution dry up on the floor. Keep sprinkling it with water whilst you clean to maintain its wetness. For more desirable results, endeavour to apply the cleaning agent on dry surfaces.

4. Rinse

After properly scrubbing your floor, rinsing is necessary. You can use your garden hose or pressure washer to rinse off the surface. Whilst rinsing, do not direct the water into your storm drains.

5. After Rinsing Task

It is possible for dust and other particles to settle on the surface whilst rinsing. You can simply run a finger on the floor’s surface to confirm this. If your concrete cleaning task has been efficient, the surface is soft to touch. In case your finger comes up with dust or some powder, rinse again.

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