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Why Comic Books Are Made

There are times where we really need a break from our works, whether it is an office or school works, everyone deserves a break from it. Being too stress is a bad thing because it can affect our health both body and mind, we would have a hard time making decisions just because of it. Although there are many ways to free ourselves from stress, reading different comic books is the best thing to do.

Comic books are extremely different from novels and pocketbooks, in fact comic books can be compared to manga (sort of anime storyline). Books and novels rarely has pictures in it while comic books are a publication that is full or consist of comic pictures that represents the scenario and also has a bit dialogues in each pages.


Although majority of the people would want to read books without any pictures in it because they want to be the one who will picture out the scene in every page of the book that they are sometimes called bookworms, some of the people would still easily get bored just by the sight of seeing a thick comic book or novel. Most kids would just prefer playing outside, exposing themselves under the heat of the sun and be prone to germs and there is also a tendency that they might get hurt. Reading comic books are good for our mind; it can help us relieve our stress from school, work or any personal matters and issues.

Comic books have been popular for how many years already and it became even more popular when most of the famous superheroes like The Avengers, Captain America which became a movie and was portrayed by Chris Evans, Superman, Batman and so on came from a comic book.

There are many reasons why comic books are good for our kids and comic books can also be for adults as well:

Comic books were made to bring enjoyment and fun to your life. With the bright and colorful pictures in each page, it will surely cheer your brain up. It is said that bright colors can make your mind be at peace or calm which is good for people who are always stress due to works. But if you don’t want to read it because of the bright colors, you don’t have to worry because as mentioned a while ago, comic books are like manga which means that there are comic books that are in black and white color.

• Unlike book or novels, the comic books are more affordable. Comic books are made from high quality materials so it is to be expected that they will look good.

• You won’t get bored easily. Although most comic books are themed with actions or fantasy, there are also comic books that have different themes that give great storyline or plot.

• And even though it contains only small dialogues, it can still help you increase your vocabulary.

Comic books are really great and besides, if you are so inspired with it, you can even make your own comic book with your storyline.