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3 Common Types of Roller Shutters

Like windows and roofs, doors are an important element of a house. Choosing the right type of doors will affect the feel and look of your abode. There are many types of doors available: collapsible door, flush door, louvred door and more.

And amongst all the available types of doors, roller shutters are highly recommended due to their numerous benefits. It can give you and your family security, leave your room at a comfortable temperature and so much more. Nevertheless, there are many types of roller shutters to choose from and they are categorised based on the materials used.

When choosing which type to purchase, you need to consider different factors such as the purpose and price. You would not want to end up with the wrong option—it’s an investment, after all. It is best if you contact your manufacturer or installer and ask about the materials they have and what they can recommend. Below are few of the basic materials used for roller shutters:


They can be a double wall and single wall with insulation. They are lightweight and give a great aesthetic appearance.

• It has high corrosion resistance
• It is highly durable
• It offers great strength
• It requires low maintenance
• It can give you your needed privacy

Transparent or polycarbonate

This is transparent and lightweight and can give you the security you need. Since it is made of polycarbonate, expect that it may be a bit costly. There is a wide range of safety and operational accessories that are available from other advanced shutter industries. It may be costly compared to aluminium, but manufacturers may recommend this due to the security features that can be integrated to this type.


This type is made from high-quality steel rods. It can be integrated with perforated panels or grills to get see-through vision or ventilation. This is a cost-effective solution to any kind of application and is highly weather-resistant. This can give you enough protection from storms and burglary.

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