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3 Questions to Ask a Custom Designed Wallpaper Provider

Once you’ve decided you want to have a custom designed wallpaper in your home, you’re going to shop online for it. Good thing, there are a lot of online shops that sell these wonderful products at amazing prices. After settling on an online shop, it would be best if you ask these questions first:

Do you offer free delivery?

How will the item get to your doorstep? Of course, the provider will deliver it. Hence, you must ask if there’s a delivery charge or not. Besides, you wouldn’t want to encounter any additional charges after you’ve seen the price of the product. If there is a delivery charge, you must compare it the amount you’ll spend when you pick it up. If you’ll spend less when you pick up the item, you can go for that option instead.

Will we design it online?

If they have a website, it would be awesome if there’s a section where you can design the wallpaper yourself. You must take all the time you want since you’ll be hanging the custom-designed wallpaper in your home permanently. Hence, it’s a great time to consult your family and friends.

Do you offer an exchange policy?

If the item you got is damaged, you must be able to exchange it for a new one. Therefore, you must ask if the company has an exchange policy. If they do, you must read the terms and conditions, so you’ll abide by them.

You can assure you’ll get your custom designed wallpaper delivered to your home in excellent condition when you order from Innovate Interiors. Also, you can’t blame yourself if you’re having a challenging time choosing amongst their many designs. Don’t worry though, you can consult their experts regarding which one fits your interiors best. For more information regarding their products and policies, call their hotline today.