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2 Reasons Why Your Drains are Blocked

When there’s a foul odour in your house and you don’t know what’s causing it, there’s a huge possibility that it’s the effect of blocked drains. It doesn’t mean that because you’re still not getting flooded, you can afford to ignore the problem. You must find a solution to it right away before it becomes a bigger. Thus, it would be better to be aware of the various possible causes. When you find out the solution to each one, you won’t encounter them anymore. Here are two common reasons your drains are clogged:

1) Toiletries

One of the most common causes of blocked drains is toiletries blocking the passage of water in the pipes. This is due to the common habit of flushing napkins, wet wipes, and tissue paper down the toilet. To prevent this from occurring, you must put a garbage can beside the toilet so that’s where all the waste will go. If other people use the toilet, you can put a sign there that tells them that’s where they’re supposed to throw all the trash, and not in the toilet.

2) Broken Pipes

Some common causes of broken water pipes are excessive use and tree roots. When the pipe is fractured, it becomes more prone to blockages. Unfortunately, this is one plumbing problem that’s hard to diagnose. Therefore, you must call an experienced plumber when you think your pipes are fractured so they will be fixed right away.

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