There are different Water Resources on earth but actually, not all are good for humans and animals consumption. It is only necessary that you are sure what to consume and what not to as some Water Resources may harm humans and animals’ health when intentionally or unintentionally consumed.

It is necessary that you only consume water that is safe to consume and nothing else. There are different bodies of water that is 100% safe and secured to consume. People and are only to consume fresh water and on Earth, 97% of water here is salt water and the remaining 3% would be the fresh ones.


Water Resources of fresh water are not limited to the following:

  • Surface Water
  • Under River Flow
  • Groundwater
  • Frozen Water
  • Desalination

It is necessary that these types of Water Resources are the only types that should be consumed. Before they will be safely supplied to residential or even commercial establishments, it is necessary that water will be treated.

The treatment that will be going through your pipes should be safe to consume as it comes out your faucets, thus it is necessary that you only leave the work of any of your plumbing requirements to the best plumber.

You need to ensure that the plumber you hire is highly accredited by your local government, to ensure that they are connecting your pipes properly and in accordance with the overall security of your residential or commercial water consumption.

The other uses of Water Resources, other than consumption, could also be for the purpose of:

  • Agricultural – water is highly used for different agricultural purposes including irrigation etc.
  • Recreational – this is where reservoirs are being used for recreational purposes to people such as whitewater boarding, water skiing etc.
  • Industrial – these are water needed for dams, thermoelectric power plants, manufacturing plants and anything of the like.
  • Domestic – this is what residential commonly used for bathing, cooking, flushing, cleaning etc. Hot water system.
  • Environmental – this is a non-consumptive but could possibly reduce the available water that the Earth has.

Other Things You Need To Know

Water Resources could sustain the overall needs of humans and animals but humans should not be too complacent using them carelessly or without considerations. It is still needed that it will be used as conservatively as possible. The scarcity of water safe to consume may happen anytime if human does not take care of the available resources on Earth.