After a tiring day at work, one of the best ways to wind down is with a refreshing dip in the water. The calming and relaxing water in the pool can relieve stress, tension and anxiety during the day. But only a few can afford one in their own backyard. If you’re one of them, there’s good news for you.

With the invention of inground swimming pools, almost anyone can dip into the water. Most of them are premade. All you need is to dig a part of your backyard, and with minimal construction, plumbing and electrical work, you can now enjoy swimming in your own home.

Here are the most common types of inground pools:

Gunite – This is a traditional pool you can see in huge houses. This type uses a rebar framework where a mixture of concrete and sand is sprayed over. Gunite pools are perhaps the most durable among the existing types, but the most expensive too. Also, you need a team of professionals to build this, unlike the other type. Creating the rebar framework alone can be tedious but can last a lifetime. You can likewise choose various kinds of finishes and additional features for this type. Some may include custom steps and waterfalls, depending on the wishes of the clients.

Vinyl – This is one of the most affordable and one of the easiest to install types. They have a smooth texture that prevents you and your family and friends from scratching. It is can also be formed into various shapes and sizes. Whilst this could be the least costly type of installation, you need to replace its vinyl lining every 5-9 years.

Fibreglass – Inground swimming pools made of fibreglass are tough and lightweight. It is also the cheapest among the types of the pool. Fibreglass is a flexible material that can withstand high-stress loads from the movement of the soil and water. Top-grade fibreglass with an extra coating of solutions is also resistant to chemicals, changes in weather and even UV rays. You can even install fibre optic lights for night swimming. Pools of this type can also be coloured and textured to suit your artistic preferences.

As you can see, fibreglass is the most cost-efficient of all types of inground swimming pools, making it a wise investment. Aside from the incredible durability of fibreglass, it’s add-ons can also last a lifetime.