You’ve probably ignored the water lines in the house for a few years. In fact, you don’t know that it needs to be maintained to prevent problems. Suddenly, the drains are clogged, and foul-smell can linger in the house. If this is troubling for you, better pay attention to the plumbing system.

With a simple change of habits and a help from experts, you can prevent costly repairs. Listed below are the tips to extend the life of this system:

Avoid chemical products

Sometimes, chemical drain-clearing products do more harm than good. These products are harsh enough to melt and erode the water lines. If you will use it every time the drain won’t clear easily, the pipes can be damaged. Why not get to the real problem instead of using chemical products repeatedly?

There is a reason why the drains become slower than usual and sometimes it just needs a little clean-up. Don’t try to experiment with products just to clear off the plumbing issue. Study the situation and see where it comes from.

Dispose of the waste properly

Oils and other food debris shouldn’t end up in the drain. Over time, the oil can harden, which causes clogging. Why not use a paper towel to wipe the excess fat on the cooking pans? Do this to prevent dirt build-up on the water lines.

In the bathroom, some items like cotton pads, tissue paper and sanitary pad should be disposed of in the trashcan. If you try to flush it on the toilet, it can cause severe clogging.

Pay attention to the early signs of problem

When there’s a strange sound in the sink or the toilet, immediately check the problem. Gurgling sounds are signs of a build-up and it needs to be fixed right away.

Contact a certified plumber to check the plumbing situation at home. You can get in touch with Paul’s Plumbing for a professional assistance.