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A Checklist To Help Make Fiji Wedding A Success

When it’s time to tie the knot with your dearly beloved, a wedding in one of Fiji’s beautiful islands is a good idea. However, the process isn’t easy when you’re not a local. Here are some tips to check out before taking the plunge to make Fiji weddings a success.


Decide where you want to say your vows: a beach, garden or a church? Like any traditional weddings, a church or any indoor area is fine, but we advise you to choose a beach or a garden setting. After all, you didn’t travel all the way to these islands to miss the grandeur that this paradise has to offer.



Organising the ceremony is perhaps the hardest part of all. Remember that hiring a local minister is always more practical than bringing one. If you have a photographer in the family or in your circle of friends, bring them with you to take pictures. Otherwise, hire a professional photographer from the islands to make sure that your special moments are captured from beginning to end.

Also, don’t forget to hire a local choir to experience the traditional Fijian kava ceremony.

Wedding Accessories

In a Fijian ceremony, the groom always wears a salusalu and the bride a head garland. Make sure to purchase fresh flowers from the locals for the bridal bouquets, archway and other decorations.


If you hold the ceremony on a beach or garden, the reception won’t be a problem at all as the resorts in Fiji already offer dining areas and catering services. Just make sure that the resort will reserve the entire night for your celebration.

For lovers who prefer church or indoor weddings, search online for the best restaurants in town. If you’re unable to find a restaurant near your wedding area, hire a catering service.

Pro-Tip: since you’re in the islands, make sure to let your guests taste the authentic island cuisine for a memorable dining experience.

Marriage Licence

Getting your marriage licence can be a bit of a hassle, to be honest. If you want to save time and money in organising and planning this special day of your life, check out the wedding packages of Club Fiji Resort.

Situated in the beautiful Nadi Bay, this first-rate beachfront offers everything that you need to make your wedding a success. They will even provide transfers to the Fiji Registry to get your marriage licence. With all these readily available for you, a magical tropical wedding is within your reach.