There are many instances when you will need plumbing services. Among all of those instances, a clogged drainage is one of the most common. Clogged drains may not need immediate plumbing expertise, as you can try the usual workaround first. You can try using a plunger, baking soda, hot water and other home remedies before you call an expert.

If things don’t work after you try quick-fix solutions, the next best thing to do is contacting professional plumbers. On the other hand, there are ways for you to avoid this problem from happening again. Here are some tips to keep your drains from clogging:

Use a sink strainer – The most usual reason why a drain clogs are because of foreign objects. Using a sink strainer can somehow prevent these objects from entering the drains. The strainer will limit even small items from going down it.

Taking care of the garbage disposer – When you are using a garbage disposer on your sink, it is recommended that you use or run water (cold) at the fullest volume while the machine is at work. After you shut off the disposer, it is necessary that you let the cold water run for approximately one minute, or more if possible. This will allow all the garbage to flush away entirely to the larger main drainpipe.

Never dump materials on the drain – Do not deny that most of the time, you feel lazy collecting garbage or food leftovers on plates, thus leaving you throwing them into the sink. This is not a good practice as any item going to the sink may cause clogging. It is best not to do it at all.

Pour hot water immediately after washing pans with oil – Oil can easily build up and clog drainage, so it is a must that you immediately wash it off with hot to boiling water to flush the oil straight to the main pipes.