Buying a new house is not easy because you need to deal with a lot of paper works and inspections. Before signing any contract, make sure to check if everything is running smoothly. This is to prevent costly repairs brought by a hidden defect in the plumbing system. Listed below are the things you need to check on the plumbing system:

  • Working flush

All the toilets must be working properly, and the flush must not run too long. There should only be a smooth movement of the water to carry out the waste. If the flush is too weak or there’s a gurgling noise produced, there might be a problem. Wait for a few minutes and try to flush the toilet again. If there’s still a noise and the water is running for too long, contact a certified plumber.

Don’t ignore this issue because it can cost you a lot of money. If the flush runs slowly, you use a lot of water and it can increase the utility bills.

  • Water pressure

If you’ve experienced a low water pressure, then you know it’s a big hassle. It will take a few minutes before you can shower because there is not enough water coming out of the faucet. What you should do is inspect the size of the pipe and it should be a minimum of ¾ inches from the water source.

When the size is too small, better ask the seller why this is the case. You can open the faucet or the shower to check the pressure of the liquid.

  • New heater

You can check the tank for corrosion and dirt build-up on the heater. One of the worst issues in the plumbing system is the leak on the heater. It causes fire and explosion so better double check the container.

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