Electric water heaters act as substitutes for gas services. You are likely to use these in places where the landscape alignment cannot allow a gas line to run. There are many other factors that may hinder the supply of gas from the main lines to areas of use like homes and schools.

When looking for hot water systems for sale, choose those with high efficiency. You should go for heaters that convert the electric currents to heat with the use of minimal energy in comparison to combustion. A high-efficiency electric heater might still be quite expensive to operate at home.

When you compare the electricity costs against the natural gas, you’d rather go for the latter. If you feel you are equal to the task, why not? For you to choose the suitable system, you will have to put the following factors into consideration:

1. Energy Consumption Factor

The energy factor is the rate at which your heater converts the electrical energy into hot water. This implies that those with high-energy factor are the most effective ones. Heaters of standard efficiency have as low as 75 energy factor ratings, while the high-efficiency systems have energy factor ratings of up to 90. Storage tank heaters usually have their energy factor ratings at 95 and that is normally the upper limit.

The energy factor is affected by the efficiency of the heater in transmitting the heat energy to the water, amounts of lost heat from the storage tank as the reservoir waits to be used and the heat loss, resulting from the circulation through the internal passages of the heater.

2. Capacity

The capacity of your system should fully cover your requirements. The ability of your heater to utilise its conventional tank is rated at the first hour. This first-hour rating stands for the gallons of hot water produced when the demand is at its peak.

A good system for your household should be at least 10 % higher than your requirement. If the first-hour rating of your heater is less than the peak demand of your household, then you are likely to take shower with cold water.

Higher first-hour rating denotes that it can allow you to increase the number of your household occupants and still cater for their hot water needs. Remember this when looking for hot water systems for sale.