Is your utility bill too high? Here are some steps to lower your cost and to help make your home energy efficient:

Add Attic Insulation

In a research conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy, they found out that the attic is where most of your home’s heat escapes. That’s why it is important to have enough insulation in the area to keep the heat from getting out. With this, you can now limit the use of your heater saving you more energy. There are tons of DIY tutorials so it will be easy to install this yourself. You can also hire a professional if you are unsure of the process.

Buy New Appliances

Outdated appliances suck up more energy than the newer models. So, if you have old fixtures in your home, best to get rid of them. Just make sure that you don’t throw these in your bin as these are considered as hazardous waste. Moreover, when purchasing, always look for the Energy Star logo appliances as they are more efficient.

Replacing Incandescent Bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Fluorescent Light bulbs use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. These can also last up to 10 times longer. In fact, according to Energy Star, switching to these will save you about $60 per year.

Replace the Air Filter

Make sure to replace the filter every three months as dirty air filters make your air conditioning system work harder, adding more expense to your bill. Moreover, changing them can also help purify the air helping you reduce chances of illness and allergies.

Proper Landscaping

Plants and trees are not just good to look at, they can also save you up to 25 percent in your bill. This is because they can be a shade during summer and in winter months. You can contact Creating Eden for smart landscaping services. Find out more here.