When you’re having troubles with your toilet bowl and leaky pipes, the best thing to do is to call a plumber. But, with all numerous service out there, knowing who to hire is not an easy job. To help, we listed the qualities you must check.

Arrives on Time

Whether you are hiring an emergency plumber Brisbane company or looking for help in a daylight, punctuality is a must. It shows that the plumber is dedicated and capable of handling responsibility.

Show his Credentials

Being proud of his credentials means that he’s confident to do the job. It also ensures that you can trust the person since he’s not afraid of introducing. However, confirm with the company first before letting someone in.

Clear Estimate

Most plumbing company will give you a free quote. Still, don’t forget to ask for a breakdown and if the estimated amount is close to the actual price. Some only put the basic fee so homeowners get surprised when they received their final bill.

Can Answer Your Questions

If you’re interested in knowing several things but the plumber can’t give you a solid answer, look for someone else.

Mechanically Inclined

The plumber must know the several types of the water heater, and plumbing equipment to do the job fast and correct.


We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring certified plumbers. So, before saying yes to any dealings, ask proof and certifications.

In Good Shape

The plumber will crawl, lift your furniture and use heavy equipment when doing repairs. He must be physically fit to do these jobs.


Because plumbing is not an easy work, so they should have a grasp of dedication and commitment on their work. It will make the job easier and more precise.

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